My Little Corner Of The World

So, here it is. The first blog. I’m not sure how I feel about all of this blogging non-sense yet, but here I am. I’m officially a noob. It was a difficult process choosing the name, I’m not going to lie. I wanted to be that girl who just has a clever name all picked out with this awesome story about how these song lyrics were like the theme of her life and they followed her around, and so of course when choosing a blog name, there was no other option than to choose that oh-so-profound set of words. But tragically enough, that is not my story. Here it is, Peachy Keeny. I chose it because a) I like peaches. b) My favorite color is orange, but I couldn’t think of anything creative about an orange. c) My life is feeling pretty “peachy-keen” at the moment 🙂 d) “Peachy Keen”– no y, was already taken. Dang flabbit. But that’s okay. Just adds “character”, right? Maybe I’ll figure out a more significant meaning later.

More to come…


About sweet as pie.

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