Love is in the Air

We all know what time it is… especially if you’re single. That’s right, Valentine’s Day is lurking right around the corner. The day of love. Or in some people’s opinion, a day that America has commercialized in Hallmark cards, boxes of crappy chocolate, and a bundle of roses, all to say “I love you.” I’m making it my goal this year not to be bitter, but to celebrate my singleness. In the past, in high school (ha, i act like i was so long ago), I remember the carnations being passed out during science class and how awkward it was– a la My Life As Liz. And the bitterness that came along with not having a boyfriend to buy me mounds and mounds of carnations. I don’t even like carnations, but still, it was the thought. So anyway, this year I will celebrate Valentine’s Day by enjoying my lack of carnations, wearing a fun dress, and possibly even make chocolate dipped strawberries-my favorite. YUM!

Here is a picture of me celebrating the day of love with themed nail-polish. WOO!

I also really like this— so true.


About sweet as pie.

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