I’ve come to the conclusion that school is my backup plan. My safe and very expensive backup plan. Why? Because of the things that I want to ultimately do with my life. I’m not exactly sure at the moment what that may be, but I find that refreshing and freeing to not really have a set plan. Here are the options that are swirling in my brain right now, some more irrational, but still they’re on the list of possibilities. As follows:

1. Wedding Planner. This is something that I think would be truckloads of fun. Especially reading all of these blogs about weddings and the non-sense that goes in to planning them just makes my heart skip a beat. I love all of the themes, the pointless details, the organization of it all, the locations, the love. It’s such a lovely idea and one that I could see myself doing one day.

2. Cupcake/Coffee Shop Owner. My sister, Britty, as I like to call her, and I have always talked about having a business together and this is the current obsession of ours that we would one day like to do, especially after visiting Austin and seeing all of the rad, kitschy little shops, we were inspired. She’s my number one sidekick so opening something with her would be ideal. I picture us with a really cute little shop and a VW van painted mint green with a giant cupcake painted on the side. We’d deliver happiness in the form of cupcakes all day.

3. Documentarist. This is my newest thought floating around in the ol’ brain, and probably the most ridiculous. I have no background in film or anything related to such. The reasoning being is a) I like to watch documentaries and learn new crap. b) I’m really fascinated about the science and reasoning behind things c) As far as documentaries on people, I’m really curious about people and the way they think and why they think the way that they do. Thus, documentarist. Is that an actual word?

4. Psychologist. Not too sure about this one either, but like I said a second ago, I’m really curious about people and the way they think. One of my favorite things to do is to talk to people, past surface level, and just find out things about the way they think, and why they think the way they do, whether it’s because the way they were raised, a book they once read, a song they once heard, a past relationship, etc. Each of us is constantly changing. Our ideas can be easily swayed by the friends that we have or the environments that we surround ourselves in. And maybe our standard morals don’t change, but something does, and that’s what I’m curious about.

5. Thrifter. I don’t actually know if I could do this as a living, but I always go into Anthropologie, along with many girls I’m sure, and just about die over everything they have. And then I look at the price tag and realize that my dreams of having a house made entirely out of Anthropologie items is just out of the question. So, I would make an old vintage, Anthropologie-inspired store of home goods, but at an affordable price. I think that it’d be really challenging but also alot of fun. I really really love thrifting and trying to find really cool things for cheap. Alot of my dorm room is actually decorated from thrifting and it just makes me smile, especially knowing the price. Britty doesn’t think it’s any fun to thrift. She says she’s too “ADD” but I just think that she’s too lazy to go digging. 😉 She always gets jealous when I find treasures and she’s stuck with the wooden frame that she’s been carrying around the store for an hour.

The last option would be to travel the world to my heart’s desire, but we all know that this takes money. And to get money you must have a job. Oh, the vicious cycle. I guess I could always be homeless. I’m sure my mom would appreciate that. Until I figure it out, which may be never, here are the possibilities. They could all change within a week, but there could be a gem somewhere in this list.


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