Got a jones in my bones.

I’ve got a restless spirit. I’m constantly looking forward to the next thing. How fast can I get through high school? How fast can I get through college? How can I get from point A to point B in the fastest amount of time? And while this can be a bad habit, I like to think of it as a great self-motivation. Always got to look ahead, right?
So, the thought in my head right now, and for a couple of months now, has been whether or not I want to stay at DBU. While the start here was rough (for lack of better words), I’m really loving where I’m at, the friends I’ve been blessed to make, and how much I’ve grown in my faith and as a young adult. It’s really ridiculous to look at myself from them up until now and be able to see how much I’ve changed. Even just this semester. I’ve been keeping a (pretty irregular) journal since the beginning of freshman year, and it’s so funny to read about the things I was worried, excited, happy, etc. about and to think how the person I am today laughs about it. Too weird. And it’s funny to think just how much I’m going to change over the summer at Pine Cove, and then into the fall and spring semesters. And exciting. I welcome change, though not always what I expect, it’s refreshing, especially being one who doesn’t like to stay still.Back to the issue at hand, I have been looking into YWAM for a little while now, not even sure if it’s a complete idea yet, but it’s a definite wish. The problem is– if I drop out of school now, I’ll have to start paying back student loans. Womp womp womp… But the thought of going through two more years (on the fast track of course) of school just doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t want to have to wait 2 more years to do YWAM, or even if it’s not YWAM, but just something else. I know, I know this all sounds vague and just like I’m ready to move onto the next thing, which in a lot of ways I am, but that’s where creativity flows from. A favorite quote of mine, that Courtney introduced to me on one of her crafty canvases, is “You don’t get creative by staying in the same place.” It speaks such truth. I have a jonesing in my bones for something new. And maybe I just have a different life played out for myself and it will be different when I get there, but I’d rather try than sit and wonder. The other options are always: New York, Portland, somewhere in Asia (I’m 50% obsessed with Asian culture since coming to DBU, only 50% bc I’ve never been there). I’ll probably just end up finishing college the boring ol’ safe way, but it’s fun to dream.Until then…

Newest inspirations:
-Learning how to screen print (DBU is supposedly offering a class in the near future. One point for DBap.)

-One-piece swimsuits. Oh so classy.-Floral and stripes together. How scandalous!


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