this blog has become somewhere where i post my dreams. the swirly ideas in my head. and here’s another one.
i dream big. often putting the first foot forward and diving in without thinking. i have an idea, my heart starts racing, and i want it right there and then. thank you, america and human nature for making me this way. my idea starts in one place, then it goes to the next. i start a page on firefox and the next thing you know, i have fifteen tabs open and i am overwhelmed. then firefox crashes. whomp whomp. how typical of you, firefox. haha. firefox aside, that is where i am right now. ideas are swirling and twirling all over my brain and i don’t know where to begin. so here’s where i write the ideas and maybe this will help me to process everything and give me a beginning.
-most recent endeavor. letterpress? screenprint?
>>here’s letterpress:

and here:
okay, are you dying here with me? how could you not?
so, how do i learn to do this? where do i buy the equipment? how do i afford this on a college girls budget? should i change my major to graphic design?

and then during the school year, Megan and I started (and that’s about all) our homemade/vintage shop, Sweet as Pie. So far, we have bought the items, painted a few things, and now it sits in my bedroom. so, i need to start my etsy shop. and i need to take pictures so that people may see what it is they will purchase. right? right. and i have a few more ideas for the shop. with plans including pulling out my sewing machine that i got last year for my birthday. i wish that i could sit here and tell you that i’ve made really cool things with it, but i haven’t it. i stitched all the different stitching settings that i could. made a few pillows and some curtains. and then it broke. well, it’s not broken but i’m not sure how to fix it. oh, brother. (haha the name of the machine is, in fact, brother).
not only do i want an etsy shop, i want a whole store. i sit and dream of the day i can have MY VERY OWN STORE. anthropologie, simple things in fort worth, we are 1967 in Dallas, and a cupcake shoppe slapped in there too. with an old bread truck. painted mint green with a big pink cupcake painted on the sign. i have it all laid out. and then i come back to reality. wait, i have student loans. wait, i don’t have any money to open a store. wait, i’m still in college.

also, i am in the middle of about 5 books– cold tangerines by shauna niequist, through painted deserts by donald miller, the second harry potter book (mind you, there are seven books). okay, so that’s it. but still.

and i’m looking for a job. preferably, on campus. and if you go to DBU, you know the pains of finding a job on campus. so, i need to type out my resume, post it on career bridge, and hope for the best.

i have so many projects left undone in my life. i take off a bigger bite than i can chew 9 times out of ten. and i look forward to the future more than i live in the present.

the Lord keeps saying, Briley. live here and now. “okay” i say. and continue on my merry way trying to mend things. making more to-do lists. and making more unfinished projects.

i am seeing more and more that i cannot do this on my own. i can’t. hands down. not even a simple project of putting things on etsy.

so He says, “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart, and wait for the LORD.” (Psalm 27:14).

patience is what i’m learning. restlessness is what i’m feeling. obedience is what i’m struggling with.

and he reassures me, “be still and know, that I AM God.

“okay” i say again. and this time, i mean it.


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