growing older, growing wiser

the past two days i have had the privilege of spending the evening with my lovely grandparents.
last night, my dad’s parents (grandma and grandpa) came over and my mom and i cooked dinner for them to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. it was a lovely time of food, conversation, and laughs.

i snapped this picture of my grandma as we were singing happy birthday to her. i love how happy she looks. 🙂 seen here with her very own custom banana split cake built by me and mom. deeelicious.

and tonight i got to hang out with my mom’s parent (poppie and gg). love them so very, VERY much.

it’s funny how different they are as sets of grandparents, but share similarities in the sense that they have so much life knowledge and wonderful stories. i love hearing stories about my parents growing up and all the ridiculous things they did. or life even before they were born, as young kids and all of their own adventures.

my poppie grew up in the hills of kentucky and he was quite a plethora of stories that he likes to pull out and entertain us with, or many a time, teach us a life lesson. he is BY FAR the most fascinating man i know.

here’s a picture Britty took last year with her film camera for her photography class. one of my favorite pictures ever.

okay. precious, right?

today i went to lunch with friends, Natalie, Lynne, and Janae. we sat around at Pei Wei for literally 3 hours just sitting around and catching up. one of the subjects we stumbled upon was our crazy grandparents. as much as we love our granparents, they’re just crazy, right? lynne and janae’s grandpa goes to the donut store every morning to get his coffee and donuts. he has to go every morning. and now that he comes in every morning they only charge him $1. okay, how cool is that. i decided that when i get old, i want to be crazy. like going to the donut store every morning, or wearing ridiculous outfits, or buying enormous amounts of everything, just so that i’ll have it. i don’t think i’ll resort to the typical eating-cat- food-crazy-old-lady syndrome. i think that’d be too expected.

one thing i do know for sure is that i want to grow old and grow wise. i want to be filled with stories and be able to pass them along. i want to grow into a godly woman, who is respected for my dedication to the Lord. and when it’s time to meet Him, i want Him to say to me, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


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