harry potter is keeping me up.

oh, harry.

your adventures are exciting. your bravery inspires me. your loyalty delights me.

oh, harry.
— a poem, by: briley hayden

harry potter and i have become very good friends this summer. he is some kind of guy, i’ll tell you. and if you haven’t shared any adventures with him, i suggest you do very soon, because his quest is soon coming to an end, but you can always catch up later if you so choose.

i’ve made it my goal to read every book and watch every movie this summer. i made it through the first two pretty quickly and now i’m a little stuck on the third. don’t get me wrong, he’s still just as fascinating, it’s just that i have been pulled away outside of hogwarts to get some non-magic work accomplished.

i have two weeks to reach my goal. ohh boy, harry.


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