Sweet As Pie is up and running! (kind of).

Megan and I have been slaving away all day trying to get things done for our “new” Etsy shop, Sweet As Pie– homemade and vintage goods. Oh yes. We are very excited. Mostly because it has been a very (VERY) long process trying to get this thing going. Since last semester. It takes a ton more work than either one of us thought it would, but I think that  it’ll be worth it. All of our items are, as of now, stored in Aledo, which is a downfall as far as travel time, but hey, we have free storage. We wish that it could be with us all the time, but the poor townhomes are just too small. But we love our townhomes. Except for that wretched hill, but that’s for another day.

On the way to Aledo we talked about future plans. That’s how it is alot with us (okay, really just me). We want a house that we can paint the walls all different colors and have a craft room where we can spread all of our junk around and work on it, or even just stare at it. That happens sometimes. I suggested that we still have day jobs. Mostly because I’m just so excited to work at Anthropologie. I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing me say it, but really, I would live there. It is the most inspiring place to me to be able to go and just look at all the ideas and design. (who are these creative people?) OH! i can’t wait. First day is on Sunday and I don’t even care that training is from 8-5. DON’T EVEN CARE. Like I said, I could live there. And maybe I will. Just watch.

Okay, so Megan got her new prime lens yesterday and so I guess subconsciously we were just waiting for her to get it so that we could have wonderful pictures. SERIOUSLY. The pictures are gorgeous. I can’t even get over it. We played around yesterday during “The Golden Hour”- are you impressed with my photography knowledge? (thanks Megs), and Megan took some absolutely breathtaking shots.

Here’s one:

golden hour.and another:

golden hour.okay, i can’t resist. one of the beautiful photographer herself:

golden hour.It was so fun. I had never had any experience with editing pictures outside of cropping, so I sat next to her as she chose all the colors and sharpening, and things I can’t even remember. It was so fascinating. She is wonderful. And I wish that she had a Flickr so that I could share even more of her artwork.

Today. We trekked to Aledo and with Meg’s trusty new lens in tow we were able to get a few really good shots of our items for sale.

a sneak peek:

Sweet As Pie.Sweet As Pie.Sweet As Pie.We’re slowly but surely getting there. We’ve painted a few more things (CREAM!) and are working on more of a variety of handmades. Think embroidery, florals, and canvases. Lots of work ahead of us, but excited to share. I’ll post the URL for our shoppe when we have more progress. Only one item up so far. 🙂


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