creative juice.

today was a pretty lazy day. i slept 12 WHOLE hours last night! and it felt lovely. as soon as i finished my last post last night, i set my computer down and closed my eyes. next thing i know it’s one o’clock and my dad was turning the light off for me. (isn’t he kind?)  i didn’t even get up. just laid there with dirty teeth and face and all of my clothes still on. and slept ’til 11 this morning. then, i woke up and ate too much food, watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, took another nap, ate some more. what a horrible, lazy pattern. but secretly, i loved it. being home for the weekend is just great. living in the townhomes, and having a limited income keeps our cupboards not so stocked. i mean we have the basic ramen noodles, peanut butter– you know, things that us college students live off of. but, coming home it’s nice to have free range over the whole fridge and cabinets and cupboards. so.. i kind of went crazy. and then my mom packed me up a bag of things to take back with me so that i won’t be starving this week. oh, how kind. : )

tonight, my mom and i decided to re-arrange the house a bit. something that i feel like happens alot. so she got this gorgeous old dark wooden buffet from my grandparent’s house a couple of months ago and it’s just sadly been sitting in the garage. so tonight it moved into the dining room and it looks great! even if we don’t paint or get new furniture, it’s nice to move things around, just for a change of scenery. our kitchen, on the other hand, has gone through quite a bit of change this summer. the cabinets are now painted black, the walls are a nice steel/robin egg blue, and we have this (another) great old buffet. very 50’s, with a sage green paint and lovely stenciled doors with these precious yellow flowers. sadly, it’s in too bad of shape to not paint, so we’ve (or I) have started painting it an antique white. it’s going to turn out well i think, i just wish we could’ve left it the way it was. the look we’re going for is what i call “European” and i think it would’ve fit in well. my mom hasn’t let the old, beat up look take her over quite yet. we’re getting there though, i can tell. i wish that i had before/after pictures, but i think that i was being too lazy. i’ll put a few up when everything is finished. don’t hold your breath though. we can be pretty slow.

on a different note, i called Anthro today just to make sure that training was still tomorrow, and turns out that it’s been moved to next Sunday. boo. i am very VERY sad, but on the bright side it’ll give Megan and i more time this week to work on Sweet As Pie things. yay!

here are a few pictures just to keep us all inspired this weekend:

i took this picture outside the Anthro in Georgetown. (don’t mind the Hipstamatic picure)

another from Georgetown Anthro. those blue links on the wall were made out of paper!

love the clean and creative display.

loved this! and what a great way to recycle old broken dishes.

i’m a sucker for pretty glass.

oh, one day i shall be surrounded by your pretty things, Anthropologie. i might just have to make a trip there this week to hold me over until next Sunday.


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