day one: a recent picture of yourself and 15 interesting facts.

i decided to be proactive and start TODAY. WOO!

blogs can be so self-centered. i mean, it is your blog but i just have a hard time believing that someone would want to sit here and read about me all day. my life is not very interesting but for the next five minutes, i am going to (try) and act like i have some facts worthy of interest.

picture: here i am with my family’s new cat, Captain Mooshoo. this is before he started to make my nose go insane. now, i can’t go near him without my eyes swelling up and looking like a crack-addict. but he is awfully cute.

15 interesting facts:

1. i thoroughly enjoy thrifting. i used to hate and i mean HATE going to thrift stores. my mom used to allllways want to go to goodwill when we were younger and it was always torture. nowadays, i jump at the opportunity to go. i think it’s just the rush of what you’re going to find and knowing that no two stores are going to have the same thing. AND it’s incredibly cheap. love. it. ESP half price days. (how much do i sound like a Duggar right now?)

2. I have a sister. Her name is Brittanie, I call her Britty. And everyone thinks that we are twins.

3. I would like to have a pie shoppe one day. Ever seen “Pushing Daisies”? Besides being the best show ever created, they also have the most charming pie shoppe and delicious looking pies.

4. I work at Anthropologie. Woo! What a dream job.

5. I am really weird. And I say really weird things and then laugh uncontrollably about them. Most of the time I’m alone in my laughing unless Meg-pie is there. She is my own personal groupie and I love her.

6. My favorite food is starting to change. It used to be Pei Wei’s honey seared chicken and now it’s a toss up between Chuy’s or Chick-Fil-A. Or maybe frozen yogurt. Or maybe cereal.

7. I have a weird fascination with bruises and scars. I think that with each one comes a story and a weird form of entertainment. Judge me if you will, but how many fascinating stories (wanted or unwanted) have you heard about someone’s scars?

8. I like to also craft. I am not very far into my journeys of crafting, but they are coming together as Megan and I explore more and work on our Sweet As Pie etsy store, hopefully one day to be real shoppe.

9. I have at least 2 windows and 6 tabs on each window open at a time on my desktop. It’s an issue. But there’s always so much to look at it and I can’t always bring myself to exit out of the site if I find something that’s really cute. Early signs of hoarding?

10. I can’t stomach the sight of blood. One time, after watching Grey’s Anatomy, I decided that I needed to be a doctor. My dad had just come home from a weekend at a church retreat with my brother and while playing the game “Capture the Flag” in the dark, he was knocked out by a rather large kid when they ran into each other. It totally busted his ear open and apparently bled like crazy. He came home with stitches and the works, and thinking that I would be his personal nurse told my mom that she need not worry and that I would take care of him. After inspecting the wound, and using a q-tip to clean it, my head started to go a little fuzzy and my stomach started to roll. I freaked out and ran to the living room and sat on the couch thinking I was going to the couch. I might have been screaming or something too. My family just laughed. And still laugh about it to this day. And I will not be a doctor.

11. I might have been queasy just a second ago typing out that story.

12. I don’t drink caffeine. No cokes, coffee, energy drinks, etc. No, thank you. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the taste, I just hate the way it makes my body feel.

13. My iPhone is full and I can’t take any more pictures, and it upsets me. Sometimes I go through and delete ones that I think are unimportant at the moment so that I can take a picture, but I always end up regretting it.

14. My nails are painted purple and glittery. I borrowed the glitter from my roommate Jordan and she told me that she feels like Ke$ha when she wears it, so I am going to act like Ke$ha for the next few days. Just kidding. But I do like your beard.

15. This is (interesting) fact number fifteen and I would like to tell you that there are 70 days until Christmas and I love Christmas.

(confession: i sat and stared at my computer screen for 15 minutes before i could even think of one fact)


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