day two: the story behind your blog.

i actually already have a post about this, in my first post evvverr. Peachy Keeny, as we all know, means life is peachy keen– going good, just perfect. i like peaches, and usually have a strong craving for them in the summer. it’s really weird. i have cravings like a pregnant woman. typically i crave grapefruit and turkey sandwiches, and i don’t really like either of the two. maybe my body is trying to tell me something? and then there’s the typical craving of froyo everyday, but that’s to be expected. so, yes, that’s my blog name. but i’m considering changing it to “Sweet As Pie” so that coordinates with our little shoppie. you know, good for business and advertising.

P.S. Tonight, I went with my friend Chase (hello again Chase, my only reader) to see the Social Network. I highly recommend it. The filming was lovely and the story behind how Facebook came to be is really fascinating. Granted, there were times when I was a bit lost because of the order that it goes in and all of the geeky language, but overall it was a great movie.

And I got frozen yogurt. With gummy worms. And it was the best.



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