Day Four: A Habit That I Wish I Didn’t Have

Oy vey! There could probably be a whole list for this post, but I’ll try to limit it to one.

I think that my most annoying habit is probably my lack of motivation at the moment. But, like i’ve written before, i think it’s because i have so much going on that i feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. so i don’t do anything. good plan, right? i write billions and billions of to-do lists and they magically disappear into the depths of my purse, only to be found months later. i  really am trying to correct this awful habit, but it’s hard to kick. especially when there are more fun things going on than to be responsible. isn’t this true?

so that’s it.

and it leaks into my inconsistency of blogging and therefore lack of blogs.

BUT good thing today. in one of my classes, Interpersonal Relationships, there is a lovely woman named Deborah that sits next to me. last week, she had on the greatest shade of grey nail polish and i complimented it. she then offered me to borrow and i quickly said yes. long story short, she forgot to call me. today, i showed up to class and she had brought me a whole bottle of new nail polish. i was so delighted! of course i painted my nails as soon as i got back to my house. and now i smile everytime i see them.  thanks Deborah!

that is all.


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