Day Five: A Picture of Somewhere That You Have Been

My favorite trip EVER is tied with two separate trips that were off-the-chain fun.
The first one, pictured below was two summers ago. My mom’s sister, Aunt Tricia, and her family live in Virgina. Every summer for 6 weeks or more, she and her kiddos come to Texas to hang out with all of us. It is the absolute highlight of my whole year. At the end of the summer, instead of the party being over, Britty and I get to ride home with them and stay for as long as we wish. Last summer, we decided to invite our best friends, Natalie and Courtney. Talk about the best week and a half of my life. We rode to Virginia in Aunt Tricia’s van that has 7 seats. We fit 7 people, 7 people’s luggage (3 that had packed for a summer)

Don’t we look alive for 4 o’clock in the morning?!

and one medium sized boxer, Taffy. We love Taffy.

We stopped on the way in Memphis, TN to eat at Gus’s Famous Fried Chicken, and THE BEST fried chicken you will ever have in your life. Finger-lickin’ good! And baked beans.. YUM! Sometimes I wish that i could drive to Memphis just for that chicken. Yes, it’s that good.

After journeying for a solid 21 hours (yes, we drove straight through), we arrived in Virginia! I LOVE road trips. SO much. 21 hours in the car may sound like complete torture to some people, but to me it’s so much fun. Sure, there were times when we all got a little whiny, but we also had a ton o’ fun. And I got to drive a lot, which I also really enjoy.

For a few days, we stayed with the Greens and had the best time EVER. We visited Carl’s ice cream too many times,

We were there during Shark Week, so one night we decided to have a Shark Week marathon/fry night. Yes, fry night. We had fried corn nuggets, french FRIES, and fried cheese stick. It was a heart-attack waiting to happen. But we loved it. We also played Phase 10 every night and had a giant tournament. I’m still bitter that I didn’t win.

THEN we went and spent a day on Capitol Hill.

(pictures courtesy of the lovely Brittanie Lane)

and a few from my fisheye:

to be continued..


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