Continued: BEST TRIP.

So, after spending a few days with the most lovely Green family, we boarded a train at Quantico train station in Virginia..

we thought that we were going to Hogwarts and spent some quality time with Harry.


BUT, we ended up in NYC!

And we ate pizza, of course.

went to the Hershey’s store..

checked into our JANKY hotel. yes, we slept with all of our suitcases stacked up like that for a night. since that was going to stop whomever wanted to come in.

we lovingly named it ‘brothel’, for lack of better words,

our first night, we saw the Phantom of the Opera!

and let me be honest, i couldn’t enjoy it the whole time because i was thinking about how we had to go back to the world’s craziest hotel. we even stopped at a convenient store on the way back to buy blankets to sleep on and covered our pillows with t-shirts. what an experience it was! just to give you a bit more insight, on the :dresser: it had a sign that said if we wanted a smoke detector, that we would have to check one out at the front desk. such a comfort!

but, regardless! we carried on! ate more pizza..

and cupcakes..

rode the subway a trillion times. even once all the way to brooklyn at rush hour. OY!

AND we woke up one morning at the crack of dawn to go to the TODAY SHOW, and Jason Mraz was there that day, though we could not really see him.

they gave us free yellow hats and foam guitars. we were SO happy!

OH! and our very sweet parents booked us a new hotel room. they even had a Bible!

and then on our last night, we saw the show 9 to 5. and it was simply AMAZING! Allison Janney, music by Dolly Parton, and incredible visuals, what more could we ask for?!

and then we flew home..

we had the most amazing time together. our first grown-up trip ever, even though we had a bump along the way that our parents had to work out, we were all very happy to be so independent and running wild in NYC! i love these girls more than i can say. “Solidarity Sister!” “Yeah yeah!”


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