How To: Have A Perfectly Lovely Day

Yesterday, I had a perfectly lovely day. Although the night before wasn’t as shiny bright (I tried to dye my hair and it looked like I colored it with a red washable marker), it didn’t carry over into my Wednesday. I went to my Spanish class and Non-Verbal Class, as per usual, and afterwards, I decided to skip chapel and my other class. Usually, I would feel guilty about this. But really, you should’ve seen my hair. Chase and I went to the local donut shop and enjoyed a few delicious donuts. NOM NOM. (sidenote: yesterday, after perusing through the pictures on my phone I realized that I had quite a few pictures of donuts and frozen treats–ice cream and fro yo. OY! more veggies, less junk maybe?)

AND then, i skipped along to good ol’ Aledo. Erin, who I haven’t seen in centuries, fixed my hair! What a saint. It was so good to sit and catch up with her. I miss her alot! I went to Christopher Moore Salon, where I used to work and she now runs the show. It kind of made me miss washing hair. What a weird thing to say.

They moved to a new location just a few months ago, and it is probably one of the coolest places EVER. The inside is paneled with just natural ply wood (very urban) and the mirrors are framed with old railroad ties that have been stained. For a work station, he uses a toolbox, something like they’d have at an oil-changing place. Oh, those creative people.

I took a picture, but it’s kind of blurry and not worth looking at.

THEN, i went home for a little while and got to hang out with my mom and little Branty. My mom fed me oreos and milk and Brant dressed up in his Halloween costume. And then we took pictures, of course.

he was a sniper.

he picked up this dandelion and said, “i’m going to wish that i have good pictures taken.” what a QT.

i love this little boy more than i can even describe!

AND i got to hang out with my (not so little) Bella.

she was getting angry with me.

(for Megan)

I said my goodbyes and headed back to Dallas to go to Nathan’s parents house to watch the Rangers play the Giants in the WORLD SERIES. His mom fixed us a lovely home-cooked meal, and though the Rangers lost (boo), it was a lovely day.

And I know that the Rangers will win tonight.






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