today, i bought some new, thicker yarn to work on finger knitting! YAY! this eassssy as pie tutorial from Design Sponge taught me how to do it. and i am very excited. i might even make this (the necklace)? the yarn is twisted around my fingers as i type, i couldn’t even wait that long!

i got to eat lunch with Megs and Brit at Freebirds, and then my mom came to meet my sister and I for a little shopping at JoAnn’s and Pinkberry.

my mom is the greatest. i know that everyone says that about their own mom, but really she is. as i’ve gotten older, our relationship has become a friendship and i just love her to pieces.  it is so refreshing to talk to her, tell her basically anything and she is not shocked. she tells me exactly what i need to hear, and what i don’t always expect to hear. and that is exactly what i needed to day without even knowing it: a talk with mom and a cup of yogurt. and now i am ready for work. closing shift: take 2!

btw, if you were wondering, i’m still loving Anthropologie. though my feet and back ache, i leave smelling like vanilla and feeling inspired.



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