classy men.

i am mildly obsessed with menswear these days. which i think is okay, since it happens to be trendy for women to wear blazers and trousers and button up-shirts and loafers these days. i wish in a daily basis that i could dress in all menswear. don’t get me wrong, i love florals and ruffles-the whole 9 yards, but i admire a well-dressed man. AND, look at these men’s clothing and menswear inspired clothing:

Stacey from Love and Photographs rocking out the look.

J Crew‘s FALL 2010 Collection is worthing swooning over.

(via A CUP OF JO)

and this engagement shoot from Ruffled’s blog is simply filled with class. how much do you love their style? i know i do.

(i can’t remember where i got this picture, but he’s too cute to pass up)

i feel like urban and american apparel are both into these looks right now.

i can definitely appreciate that!

in other news, i thought that i was home-free for Thanksgiving break, but it turns out that i have a paper to write. whoopsie. off to paper land i journey. wish me luck…


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