oh, hey again blog.

i really can’t write this paper. it’s Thanksgiving break for Pete’s sake! i should be out running rampant and doing hoodrat things with my friends!

here are some hair-cuts that i’ve been pondering. i am scared to make the dive in. it takes a long time to grow your hair out (one year, four months and fourteen days to be exact) to be long, and only two seconds to cut it all off. it’s a big commitment. i wish that it could be like on (500) days of summer when she just sits in front of the mirror and cuts her hair off with no emotional attatchment. chop.

(alexa chung’s hair is lovely. i don’t know if i love her hair or her clothing more.)

(Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., photos via Pacing the Panic Room)

AND this model from urban has the most delightful hair.



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