holidays (holidaze)

happy thanskgiving!

i ate way too much. and i enjoyed eating too much way too much. the one day out of the year that you can eat, barely let it digest, eat dessert, take a nap, and then wake up and eat some more. perfect.

black friday is officially over! praise the Lord above us that I made it through today. there are seriously some crazed people out there. i used to be one of them, and may or may not have been at old navy last night at midnight. but that was enough for me. i began to think about it as i was standing in line outside of old navy for 45 minutes in below zero weather (okay, not really but it was cold) and my allergies acting like a nutzo, there’s really not actually anything worth getting up in the middle of the night to stand in the cold with a long line of pushy people. let’s be honest, those thermal pants that you just bought for $5 may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you probably only saved 2 or 3 dollars. BUT it is very fun to act like your life depends on getting that waffle griddle and to maybe elbow the lady next to you in the stomach. or to run like a lunatic just to beat the next people trying to get in line. OR my favorite part of all, going to Whataburger at 6AM and watching GG, my little GG, eat a whole whataburger, upsized fries, and large shake. i am never prouder than when she finishes off the meal proudly. every year. no shame.

i kind of missed going to all the stores this year. kind of alot.

BUT now we can officially say MERRY CHRISTMAS! i didn’t even realize it until a customer at work was leaving and said it. i thought hm, is it too early? instantly realizing my mistake and wished her a merry christmas back! i ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT! and then i walked outside and it smelt like christmas. oh, my senses are going crazy.

AND the best part is that the Greens are coming in on the 20th. I finally get to meet my sweet new baby cousin Tenley. i have honestly had at least 4 dreams about meeting the tiny baby! ohh i can’t wait!

off to dreamworld i run.. back to work at 8AM! i will prevail!


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