i was just thinking…

it’s hard to break a habit once it’s begun.

such as not blogging.

oh, my poor neglected blog.

i started thinking about this thanks to the tiny little cut on middle finger. though i didn’t realize until now, it is apparently the finger that i use to control the mouse (is it still called a mouse if you don’t actually have a mouse? i don’t know). and though it is uncomfortable to use the finger, i still use it. because using my pointer finger doesn’t feel right. and i even had to type my password a few times because i couldn’t get my fingers to move correctly.

i’m not sure why that made me feel like i should blog, but here i am.

2010 is gone. craziness. i don’t really miss it either. i actually haven’t thought much about it. it had it’s ups, it had it’s downs. but it ended ever so lovely, because mr. chase is now my boyfriend. and he’s so great. even better than a pb and j with chunky peanut butter. (and i reeaally like pb and j with chunky peanut butter).

i’m having the best break ever. aunt tricia, uncle thom, and the three t’s came and visited from Virginia with my precious new baby Tenley. she is an absolute dream! i miss them too much. come back Green’s!

AND i got the instax mini! i’ve been through a set of film and need to scan them and i will share them all on here.

and there are still two weeks left of this break.!!



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