today, i bought some new, thicker yarn to work on finger knitting! YAY! this eassssy as pie tutorial from Design Sponge taught me how to do it. and i am very excited. i might even make this (the necklace)? the yarn is twisted around my fingers as i type, i couldn’t even wait that long!

i got to eat lunch with Megs and Brit at Freebirds, and then my mom came to meet my sister and I for a little shopping at JoAnn’s and Pinkberry.

my mom is the greatest. i know that everyone says that about their own mom, but really she is. as i’ve gotten older, our relationship has become a friendship and i just love her to pieces.  it is so refreshing to talk to her, tell her basically anything and she is not shocked. she tells me exactly what i need to hear, and what i don’t always expect to hear. and that is exactly what i needed to day without even knowing it: a talk with mom and a cup of yogurt. and now i am ready for work. closing shift: take 2!

btw, if you were wondering, i’m still loving Anthropologie. though my feet and back ache, i leave smelling like vanilla and feeling inspired.


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throwback friday.

here are a few (slightly embarrassing) pictures that I found yesterday while looking through some old albums. oy vey! i know i was young, but i just wonder what i was thinking sometimes. and then that makes me think, in 5 years from now will I think that I dressed like a total weirdy today? let’s hope not…

8th grade.

My freshman year of high school with Nat and Brit.

Brit and I at Halloween, my sophomore year of high school.

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thankful thursday.

hey everyone, it’s that time again! iiiiitttt’s THANKFUL THURSDAY!

today/this week i am thankful for or just excited about:

this little guy that I got to eat lunch with today.

this movie that comes out in only 8 DAYS!

this show, that i am COMPLETELY hooked on. (thanks Chase for corrupting my mind)

two weeks from today is THANKSGIVING! while I don’t particularly care for Thanksgiving food, it is probably in my top 3 holidays. Black Friday anyone??

annnddd, we all know that once Thanksgiving hits, that means that we are into the full swing of holidays, aka the happiest time of the year. the feeling, the smells, the lights, the magic!

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mister piano man.

there is a man that plays the piano at the mall. you might know him or someone like him. maybe you know Brad, the one Emily picked up for Thanksgiving from Nordstorm.
anyway, this guy is here from time to time and I look forward to going on my break to be able to sit and hear him. Or maybe watch him (is that creepy?).
he plays with such intensity and is fully entralled in his music, even if he does have a crowd of people around staring at him, or a motley crew of passerby’s. he is passionate.
once, he played a song by Coldplay and it absolutely brightened my day.

so thank you mister piano man.

maybe he makes me want to play the piano again. maybe i will.

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the leaves are changing.

today, as i was driving along the road, a road close to home that i used to drive on frequently, i realized that something looked different. i wasn’t sure what it was at first, but then i realized that they had cut down all of the trees on the side of the road and behind the barbed-wire fence. “of course”, i thought, “they’re building something.” it was kind of sad.

and that’s when i decided that i hate change.

i spent the rest of the time in car thinking about change.

change happens in the fall. the leaves change colors.

change happens when you graduate high school. you move away, you talk to your old friends less.

change happens when you go to the hair salon. your hair gets shorter and might change colors.

change happens all the time.

i understand that it is a way of life. change brings progress, but initially i never enjoy it. i practically beg for it- when can i move somewhere new? when can i buy new clothes? when will i graduate college? but when it happens, i usually don’t enjoy it. it makes me uncomfortable.

even on my birthday. it’s really strange because i LOVE my birthday. i have birthday month. but, every year without missing a beat this funny little feeling pops up. and i always wonder where it comes from, but now i am kind of understanding. when i turn a year older, some might even say smarter, it’s a whole year of my life past. i always think, i will never be (insert last age) again. and it leaves me feeling weird and nostalgic. maybe that’s the word that i’m searching for. nostalgic. i look forward to another year, new opportunities, but i’m always kind of sad to leave behind another one.

when i was a kid, i had about 50 stuffed animals. no lie. and every night i would INSIST that they all sleep with me in my top bunk. i would lay them all over the place and fit them wherever i could. it didn’t matter if i couldn’t feel my legs, i just needed them to all be included. (you know, since they were all actually alive and had feelings). maybe a cheesy example, but that’s kind of what it’s like. i don’t want a year to be forgotten, so i stuff my brain with as many memories of the past year as possible. i just don’t want to forget. not only the good, but also the bad.

i’m not really sure where i’m going with this. i think that i just wanted to remind myself to enjoy change and to enjoy every tiny moment. i’m not always going to be (insert age here).

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can i just say that i ended up hating the ’30 days of blogging’ thing. it is too much pressure. i thought that i would have nothing to write about, which is sometimes true, BUT it takes the fun out of blogging. so i might quit.

please don’t hate me?
and i still haven’t made any pies.

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Day Seven: A Picture of Someone or Something That Has Impacted You The Most

(picture: part of my family this summer in Fredricksburg,VA on our family vacation)

My family by far is my biggest support system. I love that I only live 45 minutes away from my immediate family and most of my extended family. I see them at least once a week, and i wouldn’t have it any other way. And of course Brit, my favorite sister, and I share a room at school so I see her everday. And I wouldn’t have it any other way (most of the time). 🙂

When I was younger, every Tuesday night we would have “Tuesday Night Dinner” at my Poppie and Gg’s house with my mom’s side of the family– that’s my family of 6, 2 aunts, 2 uncles, 4 cousins and 2 grandparents. Talk about craziness. But I seriously loved it. Poppie would cook us dinner- usually soup :), all the cousins would play with the bountiful bucket of toys, we would have card games, the fire alarm would usually always go off at least once, but it is a day to me that is full of memories and I hope to continue the tradition with my own family one day. Now that we’re all older, a few in college, and one family in Virginia, it is more scarce that Tuesday Night Dinner happens, and I miss it so very much.

Oh, did I mention that Tuesdays were also my days for sewing and piano lessons? Yes, every Tuesday from age 5-14, I would have sewing lessons at Ms. Cox’s house and then piano lessons with Gg. Fashion shows, recitals… the whole shebang. Then, I might have been embarrassed to  admit it, but today I love that I know how to read music and sew my own clothes. So, thank you Mom.

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