home inspiration.

loving these bulb pendants right now:

(from West Elm)

and these colored ones too.

and this one from a loft for sell in Sweden. the whole place is great itself. (via A CUP OF JO)

oh, be still my heart. perfection!

makes me drool a little.

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i was just thinking…

it’s hard to break a habit once it’s begun.

such as not blogging.

oh, my poor neglected blog.

i started thinking about this thanks to the tiny little cut on middle finger. though i didn’t realize until now, it is apparently the finger that i use to control the mouse (is it still called a mouse if you don’t actually have a mouse? i don’t know). and though it is uncomfortable to use the finger, i still use it. because using my pointer finger doesn’t feel right. and i even had to type my password a few times because i couldn’t get my fingers to move correctly.

i’m not sure why that made me feel like i should blog, but here i am.

2010 is gone. craziness. i don’t really miss it either. i actually haven’t thought much about it. it had it’s ups, it had it’s downs. but it ended ever so lovely, because mr. chase is now my boyfriend. and he’s so great. even better than a pb and j with chunky peanut butter. (and i reeaally like pb and j with chunky peanut butter).

i’m having the best break ever. aunt tricia, uncle thom, and the three t’s came and visited from Virginia with my precious new baby Tenley. she is an absolute dream! i miss them too much. come back Green’s!

AND i got the instax mini! i’ve been through a set of film and need to scan them and i will share them all on here.

and there are still two weeks left of this break.!!


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merry christmas, my loves!

it’s the absolute most wonderful time of the year. and of the day. i’m going to sleep!

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holidays (holidaze)

happy thanskgiving!

i ate way too much. and i enjoyed eating too much way too much. the one day out of the year that you can eat, barely let it digest, eat dessert, take a nap, and then wake up and eat some more. perfect.

black friday is officially over! praise the Lord above us that I made it through today. there are seriously some crazed people out there. i used to be one of them, and may or may not have been at old navy last night at midnight. but that was enough for me. i began to think about it as i was standing in line outside of old navy for 45 minutes in below zero weather (okay, not really but it was cold) and my allergies acting like a nutzo, there’s really not actually anything worth getting up in the middle of the night to stand in the cold with a long line of pushy people. let’s be honest, those thermal pants that you just bought for $5 may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but you probably only saved 2 or 3 dollars. BUT it is very fun to act like your life depends on getting that waffle griddle and to maybe elbow the lady next to you in the stomach. or to run like a lunatic just to beat the next people trying to get in line. OR my favorite part of all, going to Whataburger at 6AM and watching GG, my little GG, eat a whole whataburger, upsized fries, and large shake. i am never prouder than when she finishes off the meal proudly. every year. no shame.

i kind of missed going to all the stores this year. kind of alot.

BUT now we can officially say MERRY CHRISTMAS! i didn’t even realize it until a customer at work was leaving and said it. i thought hm, is it too early? instantly realizing my mistake and wished her a merry christmas back! i ABSOLUTELY CAN’T WAIT! and then i walked outside and it smelt like christmas. oh, my senses are going crazy.

AND the best part is that the Greens are coming in on the 20th. I finally get to meet my sweet new baby cousin Tenley. i have honestly had at least 4 dreams about meeting the tiny baby! ohh i can’t wait!

off to dreamworld i run.. back to work at 8AM! i will prevail!

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oh, hey again blog.

i really can’t write this paper. it’s Thanksgiving break for Pete’s sake! i should be out running rampant and doing hoodrat things with my friends!

here are some hair-cuts that i’ve been pondering. i am scared to make the dive in. it takes a long time to grow your hair out (one year, four months and fourteen days to be exact) to be long, and only two seconds to cut it all off. it’s a big commitment. i wish that it could be like on (500) days of summer when she just sits in front of the mirror and cuts her hair off with no emotional attatchment. chop.

(alexa chung’s hair is lovely. i don’t know if i love her hair or her clothing more.)

(Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., photos via Pacing the Panic Room)

AND this model from urban has the most delightful hair.


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okay, so i haven’t written my paper. are you surprised?

but, i have:

attended (physically, not mentally) a meteorology class

doodled on a sheet and a half of notebook paper

watched an episode of glee

eaten half a bag of tortilla chips

read too many blogs

discovered an inspiring new blog

played with a baby kitten (pronounced as kiddin’)


made a to-do list (it’s quite overwhelming)

productive, wouldn’t you say?

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classy men.

i am mildly obsessed with menswear these days. which i think is okay, since it happens to be trendy for women to wear blazers and trousers and button up-shirts and loafers these days. i wish in a daily basis that i could dress in all menswear. don’t get me wrong, i love florals and ruffles-the whole 9 yards, but i admire a well-dressed man. AND, look at these men’s clothing and menswear inspired clothing:

Stacey from Love and Photographs rocking out the look.

J Crew‘s FALL 2010 Collection is worthing swooning over.

(via A CUP OF JO)

and this engagement shoot from Ruffled’s blog is simply filled with class. how much do you love their style? i know i do.

(i can’t remember where i got this picture, but he’s too cute to pass up)

i feel like urban and american apparel are both into these looks right now.

i can definitely appreciate that!

in other news, i thought that i was home-free for Thanksgiving break, but it turns out that i have a paper to write. whoopsie. off to paper land i journey. wish me luck…

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